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Class Outline

Breathing: Students will learn breathing techniques such as breath control

and the use of the diaphragm.

Vocal Warm ups: Students will become familiar with basic singing scales and

learn useful techniques for a stronger and healthier vocal performance.

Posture Repertoire: Students will learn how to position themselves for

proper vocal performance.

Pitch and Diction: Students will learn to demonstrate proper pitch and

proper pronunciation of musical arrangements.

Falsetto and Head Voice: Students will learn the proper use of their falsetto

while learning to differentiate their natural voice from their head voice.

Vocal/Stage Presentation: Students will be taught how to present their vocal

abilities properly on stage.

Ear Training/Harmony and Absolute Pitch: Students will be taught how to

identify harmony using familiar songs and put notes together to create


Personal Song Choice: Students will select a song of any genre or style for

personal vocal training.

Recital Performances: Students will perform in front of an audience after

every (4th) vocal training session.

Artist Development (4-week course only): Students will learn the art of

being a professional artist (skills for performing, stage presence and

endurance, and techniques for interviewing.) BY REQUEST ONLY