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Meet The Owner


Deka Janifer is  a reputable vocal coach out of Philadelphia. Former member of girl group "B.I.O.N", formed with her 2 sisters Victoria and Kristina. Deka grew up with music around her. Both parents were singers as well. Their group "A Perfect Blend, a Doo wop group, who were very popular through the 90s and 2000s. Deka receive her vocal training from her father growing up and also sang on the choir in middle school and high school. She also played piano by ear and begin writing and composing her own songs at age 6 years old. Deka has performed on many stages throughout the tri state area. She's also vocal produced for Warner Bros recording artist, Good Girl, local Philadelphia artist Mixed Melodies, MTB, Vivid and vocal trained artist "Lee Mekhai, Karter, Megan Jordan and Charlie Watts- all local Philadelphia artist.  She’s also taught a few other singers who aren’t artist but enjoys singing. Deka is currently building a name for herself in the music industry, as a producer and artist developer. She plans to help people accomplish their dreams as singers and performers. 

Deka is  a mother of two and married to the love of her life! For ten years she taught in early childcare ages ranging from infants to 6th grade. Teaching has always been something she loved doing, and to add her gift of singing and music in with her daily Lesson planning,made her love it even more. Deka enjoys cooking, watching judge shows and spending time with her family.